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Alpha Tax Solutions is a professional service firm specializing in property tax valuation. We encourage communication between our firm and the client from ownership through local property management when developing a strategy for a successful appeal.


How We Can Help

Personal property tax renditions are often over stated, costing businesses thousands of dollars in over paid taxes. Alpha Tax Solutions is recognized and respected as property tax professionals who uphold the highest standards of practice with honesty and integrity.
Alpha Tax Solutions has a proven track record of success, and is dedicated to implementing an aggressive tax program that will obtain the results needed to raise your bottom line. Including informal negotiations, ARB Hearings, and Litigation Support.
Alpha Tax Solutions prepares an equal and uniform analysis which may be used to ensure that your property is being appraised and taxed fairly when compared to similar property.
Alpha Tax Solutions compiles and organizes data annually. This data is then applied along with the property’s actual information and is thoughtfully presented to the district with the intentions of reaching an agreed upon value.
In the event that Alpha Tax Solutions cannot come to an agreement with the district, we will progress to the next step and present the information to the Appraisal Review Board.
If Alpha Tax Solutions and the owner feel it is economically feasible and in the best interest of the owner to file a lawsuit, Alpha Tax solutions can help provide recommendations and value negotiations during the litigation. We work closely with attorneys that specialize in Texas Property Tax Litigation.

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Our Dedication

Some property owners view property taxes as a fixed expense, when in actuality; they are a controllable expense when an aggressive property tax program is implemented. Alpha Tax Solutions is dedicated to obtaining the results needed to raise your bottom line.

Written by CEO of Alpha Tax Solutions